Friday, 18 July 2014


Hello Beauties,
i feel i have to start my post with an apology to all my followers, i have  been so busy being a banker and my blogging has been slow,but im gonna make it up to you with newer,better tips that will leave you wanting more...#KISSES
My new post is going to give you the simplest ingredients to make yourself feel as relax as being in a spa,only this time you relax at the comfort of your home, bathtub, or even a penthouse..,lol! i stumbled across this remedy and gave it a try(extremely relaxing) it soothes your skin,both facial and body it also gives you a relaxing glow...doing this just  once a week (although i would recommend at the weekend),  it will help you retain your innermost and outer beauty..All the best!

  • I recommend this mixture of Rosewater (of any product) + Coconut Oil , you use this fusion for a relaxing bath.
  • Honey + Olive oil, this mix will help keep your skin moisturized and give it a good balance.
  •  For those of us that love to have a glowing face all seasons ,try this blend of Honey+Brown sugar use as a facial scrub at least 3 times a week.
  • I particularly hate my dark lips i always wish they were a bit more pinkish so i have tried several
    natural remedies that seem to work, however this is my newest tip and it seem to be working real good, blend  Petroleum jelly+Raw sugar as a lip scrub do this (if possible) every night before bed and you will be impressed with the results.
To make the best brown sugar scrub all by yourself all you  need is;
Raw brown sugar+Olive oil+Fragrance (preferably mild one with flower scent)+Container.
Brown sugar scrub has so many benefits to mention a few,daily use of scrub will help repair aging skin, its an excellent skin exfoliate, and the last one is for those of us who try really hard to avoid the sun but cant its the best cure to sun damage on the skin,it keep the skin hydrated and smooth.

Good luck !please remember to send in your experiences .