Wednesday, 26 October 2016



Our nails are made up of keratin while our cuticles are the thin layer of skin near the bottom of the nails where it connects to the finger and they get dry resulting to peeling and flaking, our nails tell a lot about us, it can tell if your healthy, if your clean, dirty, and your personality too.

A woman with beautiful nails is greatly admired, so I decided to provide basic tips to help all my lovelies achieve this……….

Simple ways to identify unhealthy nails are:

1.      Discoloration (dark streaks, white streaks, or changes in nail color)

2.      Changes in nail shape (curling or clubbing)

3.      Changes in nail thickness (thickening or thinning)

4.      Nails that become brittle

5.      Nails that are pitted

6.      Bleeding around nails

7.      Swelling or redness around nails

8.      Pain around nails

9.      Nail separating from skin

Most of us don’t realize how simple daily nail care can leave our nails looking gorgeous and even boost our self-esteem.

 DON’T cut your cuticles!

Over the years, one consistent mistake that most folks and even professional manicurists make is cutting the cuticles during manicures. The myth that cutting the cuticles actually make the nails grow is just a myth. Recent studies have shown that cutting the cuticles exposes the nails to greater risk of infection. It has however advisable to push back the cuticles using a cuticle stick instead of totally cutting it away from the nail.

 Moisturize inside and outside

The place of moisturizing in a nail-care regimen cannot be over-emphasized. Nails are made of keratin; the main component of hair and… horse hooves! As a result of this, they are prone to brittleness and dryness which can only be overcome with an incorporation of water and water-based products in nail-care regimen.

 Avoid rough manicurists

We all know that one manicurist who handles our nails the same way they handle their carpets; hard and rough. Nails are fragile and handling them roughly will only lead to infections.

Steer clear of drying agents

Stay from drying agents which are mostly found in washing detergents, shampoos, and disinfectants. If the use of these products cannot be avoided, the hands should be moisturized with a good moisturizer after the use.

Do not Bite!

The bad habit of biting the nails does not help it grow as more harm is being done to both the fingers and the fingernails. Biting nails could lead to injuries which do not encourage growth of healthy nails.

Always wash your hands with a mild cleansing soap to keep germs away from your hands. Washing your hands has the triple benefit of keeping both your hands, your body and your nails 100% free of harmful germs.

 Trim regularly

Nails are definitely not meant to grow as long as claws. Therefore, trim your nails regularly to keep them from getting caught in objects thereby injuring the finger and causing infections.

Eat healthy

Always eat healthy. Foods like beetroots, watermelons, cucumbers, and all biotin foods are essential in the growth of healthy nails and cuticles. Drink lots of water and stay away from carbonated drinks, alcohol and nicotine which are harmful to the overall wellbeing of the body.

 Use less nail polish

It is advisable to stay away from nail polish and give the nails a break. The base chemical for nail polish is acetone which is drying and debilitating to the maintenance of healthy nails.

Nail cream
The use of nail creams is becoming increasingly popular in nail care regimen. The nail creams help the nails to grow stronger and healthier with just the right amount of moisture. Nail creams can be bought over the counter at beauty cosmetics stores.

Remember an impeccable and beautiful nail is possible, now you know the trick and all you can do in order to have the perfect nails.

Good luck!!!!!!