Friday, 4 October 2013

#Skin Grocery list.

Hi Beauties,
I have got the best natural grocery list for sexy, supple skin, it contains the best foods and seeds that will  leave your skin looking fab, and healthy.Do give it a try and the results would  be excellent.
  • Apples, daily consumption of this fruit helps keeps the  skin moisturized, prevents wrinkles from appearing and can shield the skin from sun damage.

  •  Strawberries, its actually one of my favorite fruits, it boost collagen fibers that help keeps the skin smooth  and firm, can also prevent sagging.

  • Tomatoes,contain Vitamin C, boost collagen, prevents sagging and correlates to fewer fine lines.

  • Romaine lettuce,contain Vitamin A revitalizes skin ,and produces a a protein  that support vascular health.

  • Eggs,helps the skin become softer ,firmer,and better hydrated. Increases blood levels of protein.

  • Walnuts, an Omega 3fat,that keeps the skin moist and supple,contains a melatonin to the hormone that regulates sleep.
  • Cocoa made with dark chocolate, a daily cup/glass of cocoa help rejuvenate your complexion and significantly softens, and better hydrate skin. Extra  even helps with dementia at old age.
  • Soy, helps with fine wrinkles and skin firmness, may also reduce risk of ovarian cancer and diabeties

  • Whole grains ,Bread ,pasta ,cereal the list is endless are high in antioxidants, may also help reduce belly fat.
  • Almonds,are tasty and nutritious you get to surge  in moisture especially for skin prone to dryness, although contains high calories, eating them twice weekly one is less likely to gain extra weight.

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