Sunday, 14 October 2012

8 GREAT Tips,to get a Glowing Skin

Hi Dollies, it's been a minute, but I  am back and I missed you all,got the best  new tips to get that skin looking gorgeous and lovely.

  • Always MOISTURIZE, remember this is the key secret to a radiant skin and keeps the skin layers smooth always.

  • Limit shower time, stick to 10 minutes with warm water, also stick to body wash as it contains less abrasive.

  • Exfoliate once or twice a week, this will help remove skin that is dull or flaky. Note: DON'T SCRUB too HARD.

  • Stay hydrated, be sure to drink enough water about two liters a day. 

  • Give your SKIN shut eye, night time is when our skins repair and renew its self the most, good sleep is key to glowing skin.

  • Maximize your moisturizer, apply generous amount of moisturizer to your hand, apply in circular motions all over body, making sure it absorbs by massaging.
  • Do activities you enjoy and stay happy while at it, it helps renew your body and mind.

  • Always remember to rub your skin the right way, massage lightly for that this promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Xtra TIPs.

  • Healthy diet means healthy BEAUTY.
  • Always keep your hands clean.
  • Get your beauty sleep
  • Always have a fresh face.
  • Protect your hair.
  • Always try home Remedies.

Love xxx

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