Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Its all in the EYEs...

Hi dollies.
As we begin to age our body changes, it reforms mostly according to the nutrients you give to it and , this changes affect our looks as well as our esteem ,a healthy body is a healthy life with a gorgeous smile ,so ladies make that effort that will keep you smiling ....
'' Its all in the eyes'' more than any other facial feature the eyes reveals the most about how we feel ''

Causes of puffiness..
  • Aging- as you get older, the skin  and muscles around the eyes begin to weaken,making it easier for the tissue beneath the skin to redistribute  and force the skin sag.
  • Not enough sleep- getting inadequate sleep is one of the major reasons the eyelids sag ,an adult should get at least 6-7 hours of sleep daily to hydrate the skin and this helps and leaves the eyes brighter by morning .
  • Fatigue- tiredness causes the body to be exhausted  especially if one has been through a terrible phase such as work stress and depression too mush of worrying can leave one sleepless ,which is not so good for the eyes.
  • Allergies-some severe allergies can cause puffy eyes due to excessive itching around eye area ,which leave the eyes looking dopy..
  • Consumption of alcohol- excess alcohol use leaves the eyes looking reddish and also dilates the pupil.

    Basic Home made treatment.

    • Never go to bed without taking off makeup
    • Splash cold water around the eyes to help reduce puffiness, by doing this its helps relax the nerves around the eyes.
    • Use chilled rosewater and cotton cool, place on the eyes to ease puffiness and reduce dark circles leave on the eye for 4-5 mins.
    • Sleeping position,sleeping on the same side can cause the eyes to sag around the eyes leaving one side of the face more wrinkled than the other.
    • Treat the eyes with good home made eye cream at-least bi-weekly, to help reduce fine lines.
    • Good sleep- getting adequate sleep helps relax muscles around the eyes and leaves you looking brighter ,7-8 hours of sleep makes this trick  worthwhile.


      Eye liner -   applying the right color of eyeliner on the outer rim of eyelid makes the lashes seem longer.
     Eyelash curling  - curling eyelashes makes it look longer and fuller
                                      -  Replace eyelash curler very two to three months

                                      -  Replace mascara every three months,always clean mascara brush   
     Fake lashes         -   make sure you use good quality eyelashes,that you are not allergic to  
                                 -   Fake lases should be removed by dissolving the adhesive in baby oil or Vaseline
     Eye brows            -   Always use Vaseline to moisturize eye brows daily.
                                      -   Avoid waxing eye brows.

      Lips                     - brushing the lip is a way to reduce the excess skin on the lips(dead skin),and
                                         leaves it feeling smooth.



    1. Thanks zee. My major problem is excess skin on my lip. Gosh I hate it. Without lipstick its always dry.
      Then I think I have dark circles under my eyes, this came to my attention this year. I got some eye contour gel from clarins don't know if its working so I'll incorporate your method too.

    2. @Real8,Am guessing the dark circles could be a reaction from allergies or collagen reduction with happens as we age,use tips earlier sent this will help reduce darkness.
      Excess skin could be annoying!but none the less you are beautiful the way you are..xx

    3. Lip exfoliation is a must do for me, otherwise my matte lipsticks flake. I usually just use my toothbrush after brushing my teeth. Allergies can definitely be a puff contributor. Sometimes I get lazy about washing my face at night, and I always pay dearly for it. I have oily acne prone skin, so I know better. LOL